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Please enjoy our favorite articles related to the mailing industry!


Looking Ahead to Postage Rates in 2018
"It’s getting to be that time when companies start to think about budgets for the coming year. For mailers, this includes the annual look into the crystal ball to try to determine what postage rates they will need to build into their budgets. For 2018, this process is proving particularly challenging based on the number of moving parts..."


4 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Shouldn't be Written Off
"In today’s technology-dominated world, the idea of sending mail through post is laughable, and using it as a marketing tool even more so. After all, why would anyone use this archaic system when virtually every person can be contacted through email, social media, or even text messages? Direct mail marketing sounds like a waste of time and money then. But that isn’t really the case."


Top 10 Postal Stories of 2016
"there was no shortage of news in 2016 about the Postal Service, the mailing and shipping industries, and innovations that affect the postal world. To that end, Office of Inspector General (OIG) staff sifted through the news and put together a top 10 list of postal stories..."


Dead Letter Office: Direct Mail Secrets of the Grateful Dead
"Direct mail offers surprising authenticity. Hoaxes, scams, and general fakery are fewer and farther between in the mail stream than online." - Michael Maguire shares the interesting way the Grateful Dead used direct mail to reach their fans. 


Ignore the Experts and Pay the Price
"In the world of digital natives and Customer Communications Management (“CCM”), physical mail doesn’t get the respect it deserves." - Read Mark Fallon's take on how physical mail is being overlooked in the digital age. 


16 Case Studies to Inspire your Next Direct Mail Campaign
"No matter the size of your business, opportunity is at your fingertips. New technology and design practices are revolutionizing the marketing industry." - Learn how companies are taking advantage of technology in their direct mail campaigns.  


Connecting Customers to the Digital Experience with Physical Mail
With technology advances, there is a tremendous opportunity for us all to shift how direct mail is perceived and used in the customer experience. View the slides from this workshop-in-a-box here.